[MUST]Helper application format

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[MUST]Helper application format

Post by knight on Wed Mar 18, 2015 6:39 am

If you think you are ready to apply, and
meet all the requirements, use the
following format:

- What is your In game
- How long have you been a
part of the Community:
- How active are you:
- Have you got your
removed before, if so then
- List of the previous names
you have used:
- Why do you want the [C7]
- Have you read ALL server
and forum rules?:
- What can you do as a
member to help people:
- Why should we accept you:
- Picture of your stats:
Notes for admins/players:
- You're required to state at least 3 valid
reasons for your vote.
- Giving pendings to applications isn't
allowed to do.
- Support only people that you're sure
deserve the tag.
- 5 against = application denied.
- Providing supports or against while the
applicant obviously doesn't deserve them
will lead to consequences against you by
Server Managers.

As this server is new we have not added any requirements yet.

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Aka Kn1ght

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